Lawrence Davanzo

Lawrence Davanzo, Director

Lawrence Davanzo joined our board of directors in October 2014. Mr. Davanzo most recently served as President of Wilshire Associates Incorporated, overseeing the asset management areas of the firm, and as Vice Chairman of the board of directors of Wilshire and on its executive committee until his retirement in 2012. He first joined Wilshire in 1978 and rejoined in October 2004. During his tenure at Wilshire, he founded Wilshire's Pension Consulting business and built the firm's Funds Management Group. With over $70 billion in assets under management, or AUM, for financial intermediaries, Funds Management became the firm's primary source of revenue growth. He also served as President of the firm's mutual fund complexes. During Mr. Davanzo's career, he also founded Asset Strategy Consulting and served as its managing director from February 1991 to February 2000.

Mr. Davanzo earned a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) and a Masters of Science degree in Finance (M.S.). at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Mr. Davanzo's qualifications to serve on our board of directors include the knowledge and experience gained in the combination of more than 40 years of asset management experience through his extensive career at Wilshire Associates and also managing and running his own investment consulting firm. This allows him to bring to the board of directors a deep understanding of issues associated with operating a business and the importance of client service and customer satisfaction unique to the asset management business.

Member of the Audit Committee